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Pastel Drawings

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These drawings are inspired by two pastels I drew a few years back of a slough, a reed and sedge-filled watery swamp.









Studio Sale

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I am very pleased that these pastels and painting found new homes.  I plan to revisit these images in future work.

I had an interesting and, usual for me, experience with the sale of Cache Creek, No 1.  New Customer, G. invited me to bring pieces to her home so that we could see how each will look in various rooms.  As soon as we hung this pastel in her dining room, a look of pleasure and relief came over her. ” This is the one – my problem has been solved,” her expression seemed to say.   Clearly it was very meaningful to her that the right piece was chosen for this particular location.  Cache Creek, No 1, offers some depth in the scene and the suggestion of more open space.  And so visually it did seem to open up the dining space, exactly the solution G. was looking for.

Cache Creek, No 1,  Cache Creek, No 2.     Clearing

Furthermore, most recent sales from my studio have been of medium to large size work.  While I do enjoy working small and frequently on paper, it’s becoming clear customers need pieces that have presence on the wall.  This issue will be on my mind as I create in the studio.

My studio sale of landscape work continues through this coming Second Saturday and the following Sunday, Saturday, October 13 and Sunday, October 14.
More landscapes can be found here:

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September 30, 2012 at 9:08 pm