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Video 3 – Geometric Abstractions, Window

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New photo montage work with music by Steven Coolidge.  Geometric Abstractions of downtown views.  Window views.

Steve says:  I have lots of percussion sounds on my computer but I prefer real drums. The underlying background to this piece is me carefully playing my new djembe to a metronome for several minutes. The arpeggio theme I made up then cut and pasted forwards, backwards, transposed and overlapping. Such manipulation is in the great tradition of J.S. Bach and Milton Babbitt. They didn’t have a computer to help tho, they ran their musical themes through a bicycle-pedaled sausage grinder I think.


Diana: I am a photographer of opportunity—wherever I am I find something worth photographing whether I am inside my home, on a
walk in the neighborhood or in town, or on a trip away from home.  The subjects of my photographs might seem mundane or
ordinary.  But once combined, with key visual elements intertwined, they have power to evoke deep responses in the viewer.  This power, generated through relationship, fascinates me.

Generally I review my photos many times.  While reviewing, certain images will come forward as being more memorable.  My next step is to experiment with selected images in Photoshop, layering, creating transparency and altering colors as I go.  Any alterations that I apply happen so fluidly that I can “play” with an image and through play come to awareness about an image’s significance.  While I am working the images this way I am discovering that some combinations seem more potent than others.  They give hints of significance beyond the everyday.


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