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This is the first of three slideshows of my newest work in photography and photo montage. Music by Steven Coolidge piano and Bob Buzby guitar.

Black & White, Wind and Rain

Here’s Steve’s statement about the music for slideshow one:

1. Bob writes these beautiful songs and invites me to collaborate. I take great liberty to play whatever strikes my fancy as I play along with him, all of which meets his unbridled approval and laissez-faire enthusiasm. So when we play it’s different every time, like a bottomless Christmas stocking.

Diana’s statement:

I am a photographer of opportunity—wherever I am I find something worth photographing whether I am inside my home, on a walk in the neighborhood or in town, or on a trip away from home. The subjects of my photographs might seem mundane or ordinary. But once combined, with key visual elements intertwined, they have power to evoke deep responses in the viewer. This power, generated through relationship, fascinates me.

This collaborative project includes three slideshows. This is the first one; the other two will be posted over the next few days. Stay tuned!


Written by artphotosdiana

March 17, 2011 at 6:44 am

Posted in Montage, Photographs

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